Ubbink (UK) Ltd is part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group. Ubbink was founded in The Netherlands in 1896 and Ubbink UK was founded in 1976. Centrotherm Systemtechnik was founded in Germany in 1994 and created its parent holding company CENTROTEC Sustainable AG in 1998. The Ubbink group was acquired by CENTROTEC Sustainable AG in 2000.

CENTROTEC Sustainable AG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable building solutions, and Ubbink Centrotherm Group manufactures the group’s building and roofing products, chimney and flue systems and ventilation ductwork.

Ubbink UK revised its strategy in 2013 and will now focus on the following product groups, which we believe we master, rather than be a jack of all trades:

•Roofing products, specifically non-lead flashing, plastic roof ventilation products and accessories and solar PV roof mounting kits;
•Plastic chimney and flue systems;
•Plastic ventilation ductwork.

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