Durasid Natural

DURASID® is the perfect aesthetic cladding for side faces, gables, bay windows, dormers, garden sheds, pool houses and other constructions. DURASID® offers a wide range of applications for both new-build and renovation projects.

The DURASID® cladding profiles are made of a rigid foam core with a durable, co-extruded top coat. A decorative wood grain structure is applied in the outer layer. Which combines all the best features of all other facades.

DURASID® has the charm and appeal of natural wood plus the ease of maintenance of plastic, which has allowed it to quickly establish itself as a smart and fully-fledged alternative to other external wall coverings made from commonly used materials.

Being part of a complete system that comprises all the required finishing pieces for a smooth, professional installation, DURASID® wins out on several fronts in term of the ease of installation.

Durasid® Natural: The result of using a specific technology on the embossed surface of the cellular boards gives a cladding system with a very true-to-nature effect.

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