Rhinovent Pro Breather Roof Membrane -1m x 50m



Rhinovent Breathable Roof Tile underlays are a composite structure, manufactured by lamination of a water vapour permeable film between two layers of nonwoven spunbound polypropylene to form a flexible, vapour permeable, roof tile underlay.

Rhinovent Breathable Roof Tile underlays are suitable for use in warm non-ventilated and cold ventilated pitched roof systems.

Weather tightness
As part of a complete roof, the product will resist the passage of water and wind-blown snow and dust into the interior of the building. Risk of condensation – the product can be regarded as a low water vapour resistance (Type LR) underlay and can be used as part of a non-ventilated warm and ventilated cold, roof system.

Wind Loading
When installed on appropriately spaced battens the products’ physical properties are deemed adequate to resist the wind loads imposed on the underlay. The product will reduce the wind uplift forces acting on the roof covering.

The product has adequate strength to resist the loads associated with the installation of the roof.

Under the normal conditions found in a roof space the product will have a service life comparable to a traditional roof tile underlay.

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