Swish S16 Ogee Fascia (16MM) (D/E)

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S16 Ogee Fascia (16mm thick) Double-ended

A 16mm thick fascia board with an elegant Ogee (Taurus) detail.  Fixes directly to rafter feet and bears the weight of eaves tiles and guttering without the support of a backing board or tilt fillet.  Soffit engages by push fit.

code description colour size pack qty
C167 405mm (D/E) W 5m 1
C117 405mm (D/E) W 1.25m 1
C166 355mm (D/E) W 5m 1
C165 250mm W 5m 2
C164 225mm W 5m 2
C163 200mm W 5m 2
C162 175mm W 5m 2
C161 150mm W 5m 2


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