Soudal 101444 Fix All High Tack White – 290ml


Fix ALL® High Tack White (Each)

Fix All High Tack is a high quality, single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength. It is based on MS-Polymer®.

SUPER STRONG sealant, adhesive and filler with high initial tack. Can be applied in all weather conditions. Internal and external use. Virtually odourless. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces. Paintable with most paints. Non yellowing – UV resistant. Contains fungicides – suitable for sanitary applications. Very high final mechanical properties.
For all bonding, sealing & filling applications where initial grab and final bond strength is important. Heavy duty bonding and sealing in all weather conditions, on most surfaces. Paintable elastomeric sealing and bonding. Bonding of porous natural stone surfaces such as marble and limestone. Sanitary sealing and bonding.
• Super strong
• High initial tack
• Very high final mechanical properties
• Mould resistant – XS1 fungicide
• Primerless adhesion
• Virtually odourless
• All weather use
• Conforms to ISO 11600 F 20 HM
Method: Manual- or pneumatic caulking gun
Application temperature: +5°C until +35°C
Cleaning: Fix ALL Cleaner immediately after
application and before curing
Tooling: with soapy solution before skin formation
Repair with: Fix ALL High tack


  • Fix ALL High Tack may be painted, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application. The drying time of alkyd resin based paints may increase.
  • Fix ALL High Tack can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to the fact that specific substrates such as plastics, polycarbonate, etc… may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, we recommend preliminary compatibility tests.
  • While producing plastics very often releasing agents, processing aids and other protective agents (like protection foil) are used. These should be removed prior to bonding. For optimum adhesion the use of Surface Activator is recommended.
  • This product can not be used as a glazing sealant.
  • Fix ALL High Tack can be used for bonding of natural stone, but it cannot be used as a joint sealant on this type of surface. Fix ALL High Tack can therefore only be used on the bottom of natural stone tiles.

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