Soudal 118985 Silirub N White – 300ml



GENERAL PURPOSE low modulus, neutral cure silicone sealant. Virtually odourless. Very fast skinning time and final cure. Excellent toolability. Primerless adhesion on most common construction materials. Resistant to UV, rain, snow, ozone and many chemicals.

Glazing, construction and industrial sealing. Perimeter sealing of window, door frames and roofline systems. Can be used in direct contact with all types of glass, except self cleaning types. Sealing of expansion joints. Roofing seals including lead, roofing slates, and fibre-cement. Industrial sealing applications; coated metals,
anodized aluminium, stainless steel. HVAC ducting, pipework and drainage joints. General maintenance and sealing.

• Low modulus neutral cure silicone
• Virtually odourless
• Primerless adhesion on most surfaces
• Extensive colour range

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