Soudal 119538 SMX 506 Black Self Cleaning Hybrid Sealant – 290ML


SMX® 506


SELF CLEANING GLASS hybrid sealant based on SMX® technology. Chemically neutral and fully elastic. Has been approved according to ISO 11600 G 25 LM. High bond strength on nearly all surfaces. Can be painted with most water based paints. Excellent adhesion on glass, wood, metal and PVCu. Free from isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids. Flexible elastic rubber with a movement accommodation up to 25%. No bubble formation within sealant in high temperature or humid applications. Primerless adhesion on many substrates. Easy to tool and finish with soapy water. Good extrudability even at low temperatures. Colour stable and UV resistant.


Specially developed for use on all self-cleaning glass including SGG Bioclean and Activ™. Sealing between glass and all traditional frame materials: timber, aluminium, steel and PVC. Glass to glass joints in aluminium systems. Conservatory roof sealing.

• SMX® polymer sealant

• Self cleaning glass compatible

• Independently tested to ISO 11600 G 25 LM

• Approved by Pilkington & Saint Gobain

• UV stable

• Virtually odourless

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