Soudal 119703 Vaseline Spray


Vaseline Spray is a transparent, acid-free lubricating and protective spray based on vaseline oil.
- Rust and corrosion-resistant
- Does not drip
- Acid-free
- Water-repellant
- Silicone free
- For in and outdoor use
- Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)
Has a lubricating action on metals and plastics and protects against weather conditions, low acids and bases, and general wear and tear. Has a corrosion resistant and water-repellent effect. To be used at
low pressure levels. Temperature until +150°C.
Silicone free.
Applications: door and window hinges, nuts and screws, garden tools, sliding and rolling shutters, etc.
Not to be used for brake drums and brake discs.
- Ideal application temperature from +5°C till +30°C.
- Clean the surface thoroughly, degrease and make it dry. Shake the
canister before use.
- Spray on approx. 20 – 25 cm distance from the surface. Apply a thin
layer evenly.
- To improve accuracy, change white nozzle by the black one.

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