Soudal 125924 STAY FRESH Bathroom Sealant Ivory – 300ml


Soudal 125924 STAY FRESH Bathroom Sealant Ivory 300ml


STAY FRESH – eliminates all problems associated with traditional sealants when used in areas of high humidity – a permanent end to unsightly mould and fungus, discolouration, adhesion problems and bad odours.

Stay Fresh is the ultimate anti-mould shower and bathroom sealant.


  • DUAL ACTION – it includes a powerful dual action fungicide and biocide, but is safe enough to use in food preparation areas.
  • LOW ODOUR – Unlike traditional sealants it does not smell of vinegar, doesn’t contain or release acids and is compatible with all plumbing materials including copper piping.
  • LOW EMISSIONS – Stay Fresh is classified as a low emission product, rated A+ Indoor Emission Level and EC1plus under GEV-EMICODE.
  • SOLVENT FREE – Contains no volatile solvents and does not shrink after use.


  • Sealing around baths – acrylic, porcelain enamelled steel, cast iron and GRP.
  • Sealing around shower trays – ceramic, enamelled steel, laminated wood, resin stone, cast stone, reinforced acrylic sheet, acrylic capped ABS.
  • Sealing around toilets, urinals and bidets – ceramic, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel.
  • Sealing around sinks, washbowls and basins – stainless steel, porcelain
  • enamelled steel and cast iron, plastics, ceramics, concrete, wood, stone, copper and glass.
  • Sealing around bathroom furniture – MDF and wood.
  • Sealing around pipework and penetrations – copper and PVCu.
  • Sealing around windows, door frames, vents, skirting boards – wood, PVCu, aluminium.
  • Sealing around flooring perimeter joints – wood, ceramic tiles.
  • Sealing in kitchen areas – including food preparation areas.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE – we’re so confident in the long-term performance of our product, that we guarantee it for life!

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