Soudal 125788 Stay Fresh Bathroom Sealant Ice white – 300ml


THE ULTIMATE ANTI-MOULD AND FOOD SAFE SEALANT. Neutral cure silicone. Contains powerful anti-fungicidal and anti-biocidal agents. Virtually odourless. Very fast skinning time and final cure. 100% silicone, no shrinkage. Thick-bodied. Primerless adhesion on all sanitary materials, including plastics. Highly elastic. Resistant to UV, rain, snow, ozone and many chemicals. High and low temperature resistant.

Sealing sanitary, construction and industrial applications where long term mould protection and/or food contact is required. Sealing in all areas prone to high humdity – bathrooms and kitchens. Sealing of all sanitary ware including baths, basins, showers, toilets and glazed tile surrounds.

• Low modulus neutral cure silicone
• Food Safe & Virtually odourless
• Lifetime guarantee
• 100% silicone with no extension
• Conforms to ISO 11600 F&G 25 LM
• XS1 fungicide

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