Soudal 130582 750ml Gun Foam Window And Doors


AIRTIGHT premium quality polyurethane expanding foam filler for use around windows & doors. Recommended for all A, A+ and A++ windows and doors. Vastly improved thermal and insulation properties. Totally airtight after curing. The product is highly flexible once cured, based on FLEXIFOAM® Technology, which gives improved durability. Can be used at temperatures of between -10° Celsius to +30° Celsius. One component. Rapid curing. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Available in Gun Grade.

Recommended for all A, A+ and A++ windows and doors or any applications where an airtight seal is required. Sealing gaps where improved thermal and acoustic properties are required. Any joint filling which has high and repetitive movement or where vibration resistance is required. Thermal and acoustic insulation around doors and window frames. All seasons application – can be used at temperatures as low as -10° Celsius.

• Polyurethane foam filler
• Airtight: RAL MO-01/1 and DIN 18542 tested
• Highly flexible
• Acoustic rating ISO 717-1: 60 dB
• Thermal conductivity DIN 52612: 34.5mW/mK
• Application temperature range: -10° Celsius to +30° Celsius
• Linear yield FEICA TM1002 – 750ml Gun Grade: 22M
• Gun Grade.

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